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MaxWhere User Manual (Version 7.0+)

General information

MaxWhere is a complex digital environment that uses interactive 3D virtual spaces as a general context while also allowing for the inclusion of dynamic web-based content. MaxWhere is developed and distributed by MaxWhere Solutions Zrt., 9021 Győr, Szent István utca 10/A. 3. em. 321. Hungary.

MaxWhere Solutions Zrt. (hereafter "We") holds the copyright of this software and related products / services, which are protected by Hungary’s Copyright Law and international treaties.

Copyright © Since 2016 MaxWhere All rights reserved.

Terms of Use and Terms of Distribution

MaxWhere shall not be responsible in any way for any kind of damage arising from the use or interoperability of this software. We shall not be responsible in any way for the continued support of this software, including any kind of warranty, version updates, correction of faulty operation, etc. Provided that you consent to these conditions, you shall be permitted to use the software for personal, non-profit purposes. When “this software” is mentioned, it refers not only to the executable files on your device, but to all of the software components implementing MaxWhere’s services.

Unauthorized use of MaxWhere is strictly prohibited. You may also not use this software if you do not agree to any part of the Terms and Conditions.


Support activities include the provision of information by the MaxWhere team to MaxWhere’s users concerning any part of the functionality of the software. Support may include our providing answers to requests, bug reports, or other, more general queries. The scope of our support shall be limited to the functionalities and operation of MaxWhere. Problems that arise while using this software service can be shaped by many factors, including factors attributable to the personal computer, the OS, other application software, and peripheral devices. Accordingly, we provide support only with respect to problems that are attributable to our software. In addition, MaxWhere will be subject to version upgrades without prior notice in parallel with technical advancements behind hardware and software components. The customer can obtain and use upgraded versions of MaxWhere through the methods determined by us. Note that version upgrades will be limited to customers who consent to the conditions of use outlined in this document.


As MaxWhere is a software service under continuous development, we periodically update and improve our documentation. Therefore, it might be possible that at any given time, the reader will find either outdated information or aspects that are missing from the documentation. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact our support team via the form available at our support page.

Points of contact