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Subscription and Payment

Depending on various factors, including how many spaces a user wants to own, the amount of storage space a user needs, and / or the number of collaborators a user would like to work together with, MaxWhere offers a choice of 5 different subscription plans and a set of additional "power-up" options. To subscribe to either of these plans, visit MaxWhere's Plan and Pricing page.

At the time of this writing, available plans can be summarized as follows:

  • In the Free Plan, users can access Demo or otherwise free spaces (i.e., spaces with public visibility) at no cost. Users can also upload content into the Demo spaces as long as they do not exceed a storage quota of 50 Mb.

  • In the Individual Plan, users can have 1 space of their own (which they can create by cloning a demo space). Users can also invite up to 20 collaborators into their space and can use up a storage quota of 20 Gb.

  • In the Team Plan, users can have 1 space of their own (in a way similar to the Individual Plan), however, they can invite up to 50 collaborators and can use up a storage quota of 50 Gb.

  • In the Business Plan, users can own up to 3 spaces, with up to 100 collaborators in each, and a storage quota of 100 Gb. Users also have the ability to set any of their spaces to public visibility.

  • In the Enterprise Plan, we offer a customizable pricing model for our most valued customers. Additional services, besides spaces and content storage include the ability to host spaces through on-premises infrastructure (i.e., customers can host their own MaxWhere cloud) and custom interactions within spaces. Please contact us for further details.

With our additional power-up options, users can stay within their existing plan but still gain access to more resources (e.g., more spaces, more storage space) at an additional cost.